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Download the Best Working Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro. There are lot of GCam 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro but it is difficult to find which one is the Best Working Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro. Here I have provided you the Best Stable Working Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro.

You should have heard about the new Google Pixel 4 from all your social media. A newly revamped Google Camera 7.0 for Google Pixel 4. A tipster leaked the GCam version 7.0 of the Google Camera APK extracted from the pre-release Pixel 4, giving an early look at the new camera interface.

Google Camera 7.0 leak provides an early preview of those Night Sight capabilities. The new revamped interface and much to test out in the upcoming days. Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro. We can finally use the leaked Google Camera 7.0 from the Google Pixel 4 in any xiaomi devices. The Leaked Google Camera is working on Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro with the New Interface and the Night Sight.

Modding the leaked Camera app that will debut on the Pixel 4, XDA was able to preview Night Sight’s improvements for shooting dark skies on a Pixel 3 XL today. They specifically enabled “new Night Sight sky segmentation and optimization algorithms as well as the long exposure and better tripod detection.”

Download Google Camera 7.0

To use the New Google Camera 7.0 in any device you need to have enabled Camera2Api, as Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro already comes with the Pre- Enabled Camera2api you don't need to Enable it. You Just need to Download the Google Camera 7.0 apk file and Install it, then you are Ready to Go. You can download the Google Camera from Below Link.

How to Use Google Camera 7.0 in Any Xiaomi Device

You do not need Any Rooted device to use the Google Camera 7.0 in Redmi Note 7 Pro. As the Camera2api is already enabled in Redmi Note 7 you don't need to enable that too. Just download the Google Camera 7.0 Apk from Below and Install it on your Redmi Note 7 as use the Best Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro.

A full-fledged DMGC mod will be available only when everything works flawlessly, make sure to stay tuned for the updates.

Settings for Google Camera 7.0

Gcam 7.0 By Arnova8G2

* Best Till Now According To Me. Don't Ask Again And Again Which One Is Best. Opinion Differs.
* Works On Custom Roms And Memeui Too.
* Bugs Are Portrait Mode (Sometime It Gives Blurred Pics) and Slow Motion.
* Cuttlefish(Astrophotography) isn't working on Lavender rn.
* If Its Not Working Then You Can Flash Gcam Magisk Zip And Then Try.
* 60 fps video may have ghosting issue sometimes.

Go To Settings Then Developer Settings To Configure.

IMPORTANT: A clean install is always recommended prior to using Google-Camera 7 in order to avoid possible functionality issues with the app! First uninstall all G-Cam apps currently found on your system » clean system temporary files and cache using MIUI Security app cleaner or a similar app for custom ROMs » reboot device » install G-Cam7 » clear G-Cam7 data and cache and apply the settings » reboot device.

Settings For Redmi Note 7 Pro Violet :

Mod.awbmod_front_cam = 5
cam_config.awb_force = ON
cam_config.sabre_force = ON
cam_config.p3_force = ON
config.hdrplus_use_pck_main = ON
config.hdrplus_model = 4
mod.awbmod = Dont Make Any Changes Here Its IMX586 By Default.
mod.disable_dynamic_blacklevel = OFF
nightsight.extended_tripod= ON
cam_config.enable_audio_zoom = OFF

For Redmi Note 7 Lavender -

mod.awbmod = 1
mod.awbmod_front_cam= 5 (preffered) or you can select others too.
Rest settings are same as shown in violet .

  • Change Viewfinder Ratio To 4:3
  • Capture pics with hdr+ enhanced for better saturation.

**** Disable cam_config.enable_audio_zoom in developer settings to prevent any crashes ******

Requires: Android 9+

Download Google Camera 7.0 for Redmi Note 7 Pro

You can download and try the Google Camera 7.0 in Redmi Note 7 Pro

This is Best Working Google Camera 7 for Redmi Note 7 Pro.
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